The Story of Jeansbound

Jeansbound was launched in 2004 with the goal of producing outstanding photos and short videos of women in bondage while wearing jeans.  With such a specific niche it wasn't clear whether there would be sufficient fan interest, and its also why everything started on a photo-set purchase basis with BondageTokens, because it really didn't seem likely that enough folks would spend between $12 and $20 per month for updates all focused on a very specific theme.  

Fortunately, the interest was there, and remains there, and we're all very thankful for it!  Eventually there was a stand-alone member site, and then more innovative products as well, plus partnering with some of the largest platforms in the business like Clips4Sale.  More importantly, the continued support has allowed us to consistently upgrade equipment so the photos are larger and better, and the video is now produced in full HD.  As importantly, the support has allowed the most popular and talented models, as well as some fresh faces you don't see on a lot of other sites, to be featured bound wearing jeans for Jeansbound.

Today, Jeansbound is part of JB Media, which focuses on bondage, foot fetish, tickling, and most importantly fulfilling client's commissioned video and photo production fantasy.  The other productions along with Jeansbound that are operated under the JB Media umbrella are JB Media, Bound4Worship, and JB Tickling.  

You can find Jeansbound content products in four places:

1. Jeansbound Download Packs - these are photo-sets combined with the video of the same scene

2. Jeansbound Image Sets - these are large photo-sets, usually of an entire shoot with a model (or models together), or of a particular theme like a type of tie or outfit.

3. Jeansbound clips - these are video clips ranging from 2 minutes to an hour available for individual purchase

4. Jeansbound membership site - this gives you access to all the clips in the clips store plus thousands of photos to view as much as you'd like for 30 days.