Custom Productions (Commissions)

For over ten years JB Media has been producing custom videos and photo-sets, and has dozens of happy clients, over 85% of whom have returned to order at least one more production, a dozen that have ordered 5 or more, and several that have ordered more than ten videos in the past ten years (or as little as 3).

We pride ourselves on three things:

1. Responsiveness and clear communications throughout the commission process, from the first inquiry through to updates about the shoot and the post-production process.

2. Quick turnaround - once a shoot is completed, the final product is delivered in 48 hours or less in over 90% of the time, and if for whatever reason it won't be delivered so quickly, this is communicated.

3. Competitive pricing starting at $10 per minute per model for among the most professional delivered services in the commissioned fetish video marketplace.  Repeat customers, longer videos, and concepts in line with existing JB Media-themed productions may also get a discount.

Click here to send an email inquiry about your custom production request.

Note: there is no requirement that your request have women wearing jeans, have any bondage, or include any foot fetish or tickling.  Basically, as long as it doesn't include anything illegal we'll at least review for feasibility and provide a quote if it's feasible.  

Some feedback from commission clients through the years:

  • "I got all three scenes and they were amazing!!"
  • "The videos are awesome!! Please keep me informed of upcoming models."
  • "Nice work man! Great job! You guys made an awesome video."
  • "Tremendous video as usual.   Ariel was fun to watch get into her hopping around in boots."
So if you're ready to get started on making your fantasy production come alive click here and let us know what you'd like to see!