Jeansbound and JB Media Content

You can find Jeansbound content products in four places:

1. Jeansbound Download Packs - these are photo-sets combined with the video of the same scene

2. Jeansbound Image Sets - these are large photo-sets, usually of an entire shoot with a model (or models together), or of a particular theme like a type of tie or outfit.

3. Jeansbound clips - these are video clips ranging from 2 minutes to an hour available for individual purchase

4. Jeansbound membership site - this gives you access to all the clips in the clips store plus thousands of photos to view as much as you'd like for 30 days.

Additionally, Jeansbound is part of JB Media, which has clip stores and member areas available for it's other stores focused on foot worship, tickling, and other fetishes:

1. Bound4Worship features storyline videos of bondage and foot worship.  Clip Store and Member Area

2. JB Tickling features story line videos of bondage and tickling.  Clip Store and Member Area

3. JB Media features videos that combine multiple fetishes like jeans, bondage, feet, or are previous commissioned videos with fetishes that don't fit in with one of the other themed stores. Clip Store and OnlyFans Member Area