Other Products

JB Media is pleased to have our platform partners that enable quick and convenient ordering, downloading, and access to all the great content produced over the years.  But we recognize that sometimes folks want something more, so here are a few of the options available.

The Mystery Box O' Flix

The Mystery Box features 4 to 7 clips, with 15-20 minutes total minutes of footage for an ultra low price of just $10.  There are three boxes to choose from: the Jeansbound box, the Bound4Worship box, and the JB Tickling Box.  
It's very simple, just buy it here, get your confirmation email that you can down view and download the videos featured in this week's box, and enjoy!  You'll get one week to download the videos in the box, and the videos change every week.  Click here to purchase.

Get 10 - Save 10%

If you plan to order 10 or more video clips - and this can be combined across the various clip stores: Jeansbound, Bound4Worship, JB Tickling and JB Media, contact us and list the 10 (or more) titles that you'd like and instructions for ordering directly at the discounted price will be provided!  You can use major credit cards to complete the purchase just like when you buy direct.

Video Format Change

See a video you're interested in, but the format doesn't work on your preferred device (a lot of the early videos were WMV - Windows format)?  No problem - if you let us know before ordering it, you can order it directly for the same price and get the video you want in the format you need.  If you have already ordered the video through our platform partner, just provide the proof of purchase and we'll update the format for just $2 for the first video converted, and $1 for each additional.  Contact us to get started.


Want to enjoy any videos from the JB Media productions on your television by playing them in your DVD or Blu-Ray player?  We can help make that happen!  Order the scenes directly from us and it's just an extra $5 for DVD production and shipping in the US, $7 to Canada, and $10 to Europe on top of the cost of the scenes.  If you order 10 or more scenes you'll get your 10% discount described above in "Get 10 - Save 10%" offer.  Contact us to order your DVD today.