Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of the first Jeansbound shoot. It was Thanksgiving weekend, and I had reserved the Jeansbound domain a few weeks back, got my new camera for the business and tested it out on some basic household objects and other photograph-able items, and put out my model call “gig” posting on Craigslist.

A few women responded to my initial ad, and was finally able to set a shoot date with a model: CJ.  She had done a bit of bondage modeling, and that helped because I hadn’t yet done any bondage producing. 

I met her at the shoot location, we agreed in advance that this first shoot would be a rather quick 1.5 hours, and no need for multiple outfits – jeans and t-shirt would suffice this time.  I had tied up other women for play, but this was different – suddenly I was a professional – so it definitely made me a bit nervous, but CJ was very helpful and very easy to work with.  The output is available on the Jeansbound stores – there were over 100 photos and 3 short video clips.  As a special I’ve remastered the most complete scene, CJ struggling in, and trying to escape from, the hinged handcuffs, and that is available now as a single scene (previously it was released only as part of a larger combo).  You can buy that scene here.

After the shoot I was pumped – it was so much fun, and it went even better than I expected.  As soon as I got home I got my USB cord for downloading the photos from the camera to the computer, and I was amazed all over again: I had successfully tied up a pretty woman several times in various positions and taken photos of it all.

There would be 3 more shoots in 2004 (the last 33 days of it!), and that was with Jasmine, Maya, and Molly Bronte.  Potentially more on some of those shoots in the future, but for all of you that have enjoyed Jeansbound and its related productions, you can be thankful that the first shoot went as well as it did, because it really enabled the rest to happen.

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