Jeansbound was well received that over time it expanded to JB Media – a whole set of fetish focused productions.  There are 4 other productions, from the same producer of Jeansbound, and below are short descriptions as well as links to the various stores where items can be purchased:

Production Theme Clips Store
Bound4Worship Videos that combine foot worship and bondage: usually with a bound woman getting her feet worshiped by a non-bound guy, but other variations too. Go here
JB Tickling Videos that feature someone getting tickled in bondage – usually a woman getting tickled by a guy, but other variations too. Go here
JB Media A lot of variety: full storyline videos combining bondage, foot worship and tickling, as well as POV, foot fetish, gag fetish, balloons, and more. Go here
TomTied Videos featuring a guy tied up – sometimes alone and sometimes being tied on-screen by a woman Go here